How do I care for my instrument?

September 4, 2020

For Students

  1. Wipe down instrument and bow stick (not hair) with a clean cloth after playing. This will help prevent rosin buildup that can affect the instrument’s sound.
  2. Only finger tape should be on the instrument.
  3. Touch only the frog or stick of your bow. The oils on your hands make the hair ” dirty” and it will require a re-hair sooner than needed.
  4. Three to four turns on the screw of the bow is tight enough. Your teacher will show you how tight it needs to be.
  5. Avoid tapping the bow on stands or on the floor as it  could cause the bow to break.
  6. **Most Important**: Loosen Bow When Not Playing. Every     Time.

Cello Players with Soft Case: Bow Comes Out First, and Goes InLast. Every time.


For Parents

  1. Avoid leaving instrument unattended in a car. The high/low temperatures can affect the wood on the instrument, causing it to crack, seams to open, as well as other damaging affects to it.
  2. Tuning is always FREE. If it is too soon for your child to be learning how to tune, (their teacher will inform you when the time is right) attempting to tune could cause strings to “pop” and will need to be replaced.
  3. Inspect bridge every one to two weeks. The bridge is the wooden piece that holds up the strings. If it looks like it is beginning to lean forwards/backwards,     bring the instrument in to be readjusted FREE of charge. This will prevent warping of the bridge.

If anything breaks or needs adjustment bring the instrument in as soon as possible. Pick up from child’s school is also available upon request. For any questions or more information call (406) 254-0400.