Enjoy our wide selection of violas available at Kirk House of Music. We have something for every budget.

Inventory changes daily, please contact us for current offerings.

Up to $1,999

Violas within this range serve a wide variety of players. Most will be upgrading from their rental instrument and will be wanting something at least twice as good as their previous viola. What does twice as good mean you ask? Typically a viola below $2k will provide improved volume from the previous instrument while still generally matching a wide variety of violists' tonal preferences.


Violas begin to have their own personalities within this group! They will have improved clarity and projection and start to say, "Hi! I'm me! And I can take you further musically from where we are." Lots of players will begin to take note of what types of tonal colors best match their playing once this range has been reached.


These instruments will serve the violist seeking a bold range of tonal colors while also providing projection for those high volume moments within solo and chamber music repertoire. The seasoned professional or someone entering into a college music program will be best served by instruments within this selection!

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