Bow Restoration
Bow Re-hairs: Learn More...
- Bow Re-Cambering
- New Front & Rear Leather Grips
- New Sterling Silver Wire Grip
- Bow Tip Head Plate Replacement
- Bow Tip Splines
- Frog Crack Restoration
- Frog Under-Slide Replacement
- Frog Pearl Slide Replacement
- Frog Pearl Eye Replacement
- Eyelet & End Screw Replacement
Sound Posts
- Sound Post Adjustment
- New Sound Posts

Peg Adjustment, Doping, & Alignment
- New Peg Fitting & Bushing
- Perfection Peg Installation

End Pins
New End Pin Installation
- Endpin Re-Angled
- Endpin Bushing

Shortening Ribs
- Crack mending and Strap Bracing Installation
Neck Related Repair
- Fingerboard Straightening
- New Nut or Saddle Installation
- Nut Reshaping
- New Fingerboard Installation
- Neck Resets
- Block Replacements
- Neck wedge Installation
- Neck Reset, or Re-Angle
- Scroll Grafting

Cosmetic Work
French Polishing
- Cosmetic Varnishing
- Touch Up Re-Coloring

Tonal Enhancement
Re-graduation of Top & Back Plates
- New Bass Bar Installation
Tops & Backs
- Seam Cracks
- Complete Plate Restoration: Doubling, Corner Grafts, Edge Grafts, Purfling Repair
- Sound Post Patches
- Bass bar Cracks
- Doubling
- Cleats
- Top or Back Plate Crack Restoration
- Inlay Cleats
- Reshaping Sunken Tops & Backs

Instrument, Bow, & String Choice Consultation
Custom String Choice Consultation
- Instrument Choice & Matching Consultation
Professional bridge
All New Bridge Installation
- Electronic Pick-Up Installation
Notes on Repair:
- For extensive repairs we may charge a $20.00 repair estimate, which will be applied to the repair should you decide to proceed.

- We will take care of your instrument with the utmost care, however, in the unlikely event that string(s) break during the repair we are not liable for their replacement.


In addition to the above common repairs, luthier John Kirk's extensive knowledge and abilities will bring damaged and aged instruments back to their original glory. Contact us for more information and an estimate.

Instrument Appraisals

We also do verbal and written instrument appraisals. Contact us for more information.