Bow Rehairs

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Time for a bow rehair? Drop off at Kirk House of Music or scroll down for shipping details!

$95 for violin/viola/cello, $95 for bass

Need a bow rehair? Kirk Violins provides quality craftmanship to ensure that your bow receives the proper maintenance. We also provide a safe and simple way to ship your bow re-hair right to your doorstep!

To our rental customers - if you have rented an instrument from us all bow rehairs are included per your rental agreement excluding shipping costs.

How do I know when I need a bow rehair?

Well, if your bow hair looks like any of the following ranging from:

"Why doesn't my rosin last?" to "Charlie Daniels' Revenge"

With consistent playing, a bow should be rehaired every 3 months. With moderate usage, twice a year is sufficient.

Shipping Service

It's easy! Click the "Request Form" button below to begin the process. After providing your shipping information, we will send you a tube to safely transport your bow to our workshop.

Please note the following updates to our shipping service:

Price increases in bow hair, UPS, and Federal Express shipping have forced us to make adjustments in our bow rehair service and policies.

1. Moving forward, we are required to place our PVC bow tubes in a 4"x4"x36" box.

We will pay for one way of the 3-leg shipping, and provide a PVC bow tube and box without charge.

3. A bow rehair will cost $95.00 and roundtrip shipping will cost a minimum of $80.00.

If these new costs meet with your approval, please sign up for the service by clicking on the "Request Form" button below.

Request Form

Packing Instructions

1. Make sure your bow is loosened.

2. After opening the bow tube, remove the provide packing foam and plastic sleeve.
When packing your bow, follow these steps to ensure its safety on its journey!

3. Slide your bow into the provided plastic sleeve.

4. Insert the bow ivory tip first into the high strength PVC tube. Be sure to include your printed request form that came with the shipping tube.

5. Replace the packing foam on the frog end of the bow.

6. Replace the PVC cap on the shipping tube and tape both ends with shipping tape.

7. Pack the shipping tube inside a 4" x 4" x 36" shipping box.

8. Attach the included return shipping label to the box & take it to your local shipping center. If you need help attaching the label, the shipping center can assist you.

Upon receipt of your bow, we will promptly rehair your bow and return to you. Once your newly rehaired bow is shipped back to you, you can keep the shipping container to reuse it the next time you may need a rehair or any other service on your bow!

Feel free to contact us regarding any further questions you may have!

Request Form


What does it cost to use the shipping service?

Because of how wildly shipping rates vary, we quote each customer during the initial contact phase.  Typically FedEx ends up being about $15-$25 each way on average. You will pay for 2 of the shipping trips in addition to the bow rehair price as listed above. So through the process, even if you need a shipping tube mailed to you, your shipping cost would be around $24-$50 plus the bow rehair cost. Payment for shipping and the requested bow rehair is approved and collected prior to sending a new tube or shipping labels.

Is my bow safe in the mail system?

We have had very little issue entrusting FedEx to carry the bows. As part of the shipping quote we will add the appropriate amount of shipping insurance under FedEx's insurance coverage. This will be discussed during the initial quote.

How long will it take?

We strive to promptly rehair and return your bow, typically within 1-3 days.

What if I need more than one bow rehaired?

Additional bows will be charged at the regular rehair price. You do not have to buy an additional tube. A larger tube may be provided.

What level of bow rehair experience does Kirk Violins have?

Luthier John Kirk has completed over five thousand bow rehairs, if not more. It's hard to keep track after a while :) John is very experienced and treats all bows with the utmost care and dedication. Because of his experience, he is also able to inspect each bow he cares for and will let the owner know if there are any other maintenance concerns or suggestions that might be needed for bow longevity.

What if my bow might have other issues such as a broken ivory tip, worn leather grips, a stripped eyelet, or that it needs to be re-cambered?

Upon receipt we will review any areas of concern and contact you regarding other repairs that may be needed.