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Long term approach

We will follow you during your musical journey by putting you into the correct sized instrument every step of the way according to your growing musical abilities. Our experienced staff and highly trained luthier are here to support YOUR musical endeavors with our wide selection of fine musical instruments and accessories!


Violin $28

Viola $33

Cello $43

Maintenance Fee Included!

Equity Program

We understand that purchasing an instrument can feel like an expensive endeavor. That is why we started our Equity Program to help musicians transition from their rental instrument to an instrument of their own.

For every month you rent, you are gaining a percentage of equity. This equity can be used at a later date by being applied toward a string instrument purchase at Kirk Violins!

Ready to Rent?

Contact or visit us to begin the rental process.  We can't wait to get you set up with your new string instrument!

Begin the process by either coming into the store for a full rental experience which takes about 30 minutes, or fill out the "rental form" below to speed up the process. Then come into the store to get fitted for the correct sized stringed instrument and finish up your contract. Please bring the credit/debit card you will be using for the recurring monthly payments so we can get you started.
Rental Form
No payment information will be collected until you receive your rental instrument.

Other FAQ

What do I need to start?

We require a valid credit or debit card for periodic billing and a completed and signed rental contract.

How much to start?

To rent the instrument, we ask for the total of two monthly payments upfront. This covers your first and last month's rental cost. Your next payment, beginning the following month, will continue every month until you return your instrument.

How do I pay for the rental?

We have a secure billing system that will automatically charge your credit or debit card monthly.

Do I have to sign a year long contract?

No, we do not require for you to sign a year long contract. Our contracts are strictly month-to-month and you are free to return your instrument and stop renting any time after the first two months. We ask that you provide a 30 day written notice of your intentions to return the instrument.

What happens if the instrument/bow needs maintenance or repair?

If anything should happen to the instrument, simply bring in your instrument, and ALL parts to have the instrument repaired. Broken Strings, Loss and/or Theft are not covered under the maintenance and are the responsibility of the renter to replace.

What happens if I outgrow my instrument size?

Kids grow, we get it! No notice is required, simply bring in your instrument, case and bow and we will swap out your instrument for the appropriate size free of charge. We want to make sure the renter is comfortable! If you are unsure if you need to go up in instrument size, feel free to stop by and we will be able to advise on what size is best.

May I buy the instrument that I have been renting?

Yes, you may. However, we believe that as you grow in your musical ability you will eventually want to upgrade into a higher quality instrument more suited to your particular touch and sound. That is why we created our Equity Program!

How does equity in the Equity Program work?

Available equity will apply toward up to 50% of a new instrument’s value.
Your equity accumulates while you have an active rental. Your equity credit is valid up to 30 days immediately following the termination of your rental agreement.