Pack and Ship Your Instrument

July 30, 2020

Packing the Bridge

For Violins, violas, and cellos it is important to prepare the instrument for shipping by “packing the bridge.” In order to do this you will need paper towels and masking tape. Leave the strings tuned. Repeat. Do not loosen the strings!

First take a paper towel and cut it in half. Fold one of the towel halves into a strip about an inch wide and place between the end of the fingerboard and the strings.

Now fold towel after the fingerboard and bring both ends over the top of the strings and tape securely

Take the other towel half and fold it into a strip about 2 inches wide. Wrap the towel around the tailpiece and tape.

Now take a whole towel and fold it into a strip about 2 inches wide, and then starting at one end roll the strip up into a “cinnamon roll” shape, and carefully place between the bridge and the fingerboard as shown below. Repeat the previous step with a half piece of towel and place between the tailpiece and bridge.

For cellos you may need bigger rolls to pack the bridge.

This process will keep the bridge from falling during shipping.

Packing the instrument

It is always best to ship your instrument in its case, packed safely in a sturdy cardboard box. Make sure that the case is completely surrounded by at least 2 inches of foam, newspaper, or bubble wrap. Also make sure that the case cannot move within the box. Ship the instrument with adequate insurance. It is best to ship the instrument 2nd day air if possible to prevent exposure to long periods of too hot or too cold temperatures.

If you cannot ship the instrument in a case, make sure that it is sealed in a watertight bag and packed in a sturdy cardboard or wooden box surrounded by at least 4 inches of foam.