"The Golden Mean"

December 29, 2020

It is common knowledge that the most popular and best-known violin pattern is that of Antonio Stradivari.

The famous violin text: Secrets of Stradivari by Simon Sacconi illustrates a facsimile of Strad’s line pattern in which the lines and shapes are constructed from arcs based upon a specific triangle that adhere to “Golden Mean” proportions.

But it is interesting that even if an expert draftsman follows directions provided by Stradivari to draw the arcs with a compass, neither the lines nor the curves match up perfectly.

So, although the pattern was scientifically and mathematically conceived, the resulting pattern as manifested in Stradivari’s instruments further required his personal touch and discerning eye to render life and unparalleled beauty to their graceful shapes.

As my teacher once said, “It looks like it grew that way.”