Fine Tuners

December 29, 2020

‘Tis the season to get your instrument tuned up for the beginning of school. One of the issues we have seen coming into our shop/store is that the fine tuners are not working.  The fine tuners are the screws attached to the tailpiece on your instrument that hold the strings. The words “fine tuner” mean exactly that – these are FINE tuners which should be used for SMALL adjustments while tuning. It is easy to ruin a fine tuner if, for instance, if the tuner is cranked all of the way down to the tailpiece it could strip the threads. A rule of thumb is if you have to turn your fine tuner more than a 1/2 a full rotation, you should be tuning using your pegs. To keep your fine tuners operable, every once in a while unscrew them until they feel loose and then tune your instrument using your pegs. Instruments should always be tuned using the pegs before using the fine tuners. If you have questions about tuning or you need your instrument tuned, we are always available to help. No need for an appointment, just bring your instrument in and we are happy to tune it. We can also give you some quick instruction about how to tune your instrument. Beginners should always have their teacher tune the instrument and if they are not available, again bring it to us.